A Global Partner in Sourcing, Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Aonoco acquires, markets and distributes a broad range of industrial products, components and raw materials for clients across the globe. A truly customer-centralised company, we work towards the end-goal of our clients – delivering lasting and sustainable results.

Manufacturing & Industrial Components

With expertise across manufacturing, engineering design and development, we deliver finished products, components and commodities on time and at a competitive price.

Working with a global network of manufacturers and suppliers, we leverage our knowledge and buying power to get our customers the best outcome. With a business model focused on trust and transparency, we work closely with our customers and our suppliers to deliver sustainable long-term business partnerships.

Business Process Outsourcing

At Aonoco, we’re committed to improving our clients operational output, through our systematic approach to specific-process outsourcing. We work with management to develop specific-process outlines, identifying key areas that can be streamlined for optimal output and efficiency.

Sourcing, Procurement & Supply Chain

We leverage global markets, analyse price sensitive data, and tap into our global partnership of leading manufacturers, distributors and suppliers. With our experienced team, we find the exact components or commodities our clients require at the right price. We negotiate on our clients behalf, we harness our global buying power and, more importantly, we get the deal done – ensuring our clients always end up on top. As a results based company, we do all the leg work, and handle all the back and forths, until we’re satisfied our client gets the best result.

Warehousing & Logistics

Our complete solutions are further highlighted with delivering your components and commodities on time, and at a competitive price. Our freight brokerage service swiftly taps into our database of highly reputable freight-forwarders and transport providers, we identify the quickest and most economical route for your delivery, and compile the best options available. Furthermore, we can help and assist our clients with all export, as well as import, documentation.


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