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Aonoco acquires, markets and distributes key components & commodities across industries spanning from Industrial Manufacturing, Mining, Energy & Resources and Information Communication Technology (ICT).

Headquartered in Hong Kong, our team works closely with a global network of manufacturers and suppliers in the Asia-Pacific region to deliver long-term, big-impact results for our clients. Combined with a strategic portfolio of professional services, Aonoco is geared towards improving business operations and delivering bottom line improvements. We take the time to understand your operations, developing and implementing systematic strategies in sourcing, planning and procurement in order to deliver sustainable goals for our clients.


Industrial Manufacturing
We work closely with our manufacturing partners to identify cost-effective strategies across sourcing, production, planning and procurement. Leverage our buying power to improve their bottom line.
Mining, Energy & Resources
With an experienced team in the office and on the ground, we work to develop cost-effective sourcing and procurement outcomes for partners in the electrical, mining, energy and resources sector.

Supply Chain Management
We deliver a door-to-door cost-effective and sustainable service. Through a solid network of global forwarders, across air, land and/ or sea, we cut-costs and streamline your supply-chain.
Engineering & Design
With a portfolio of professional services, including engineering and industrial & process design we help our partners develop new and exciting products, processes and procedures.

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